Develop and understand cognitive, behavioral, and effective skills in sport and non-sport environments

Team and Individual Training

We seek to improve physical and mental skills for the pursuit of sport and exercise goals. Sessions could include on field activities and consultation.

Team & Ind Training - Lewis Performance Partners - Eden Prairie


Workshops introduce participants to basic performance enhancement and non-performance concepts. Hourly and day-long workshops are available. Follow up training is recommended.

Workshops - Lewis Performance Partners - Eden Prairie

Event Management

Lewis Performance Partners creates, manages, oversees, and/or markets sporting activities for youth and adult development. Events include appearances, speaking events, banquets, camps, and clinics.

Event Planning - Lewis Performance Partners - Eden Prairie


Consultations benefit coaches, managers, and others who want to achieve optimal performance levels. Applied focus targets specific problem areas and their resolution, while seeking new performance methods. Individual or group sessions are available.

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Small Group and Family Sessions

Provide members with group support and offers developmental perspectives of performance, relational concerns, and achievement motivators. Topics may include relational difficulties and communication.

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Workshops and Public Speaking

Performance Enhancement Topics

Arousal Training

Concentration – Attention – Focus

Goal Setting

Imagery – Visualization

Motivation Training

Relaxation Techniques

Social Agents – Social Support

Nonperformance Topics

Self Esteem Building

Communication and Leadership Training

Career Transition and Lifestyle Management

Family Systems Support

Team Building


Mental Recovery from Injury