📸DigieMade Photography

For the last two months the Royal family of the 2023 St. Paul Winter Carnival has survived
Coronation and the 10-day blitz of community service as ambassadors of the city of St. Paul and
on behalf of the St. Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation. Various senior citizen homes,
schools and businesses were our daily visits with intermittent breakfasts, lunches and dinners
that served to honor our supporting organizations and sponsors. It was the daily routine during
the Carnival period.
We also traveled out town to far away locations such as Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and
Macon, Georgia, serving as guests of their festivals and spreading fun and cheer and
recognizing the value of service, volunteerism and community.
Community visits and parades around Minnesota and Wisconsin started in March. Each of the
parades to date met Boreas’ reign with below freezing temperatures and more snow! The St.
Patrick’s Day Parade capped off a challenging winter of parades for the Royal Family.
We are now preparing for a busy spring and summer filled with more parades and community
visits. Stay tuned for my next review in May reviewing the experiences and travels of the Royal
Family of the 2023 St. Paul Winter Carnival.

Boreas Rex 86